Friday, July 17, 2009

Dear Now

Dear Now,

I don't like you right now. I don't like the situation we are in Now. All I want to do is get things done. Really. I pour over things that I maybe able to do, but if I do anymore, I maybe backtracking. I know, it's not your fault and I am more frustrated with the situation then you Now. There must be a way to push forward, maybe I haven't looked hard enough. I hate stagnation as much as I hate stale air in a hot summer car. Rescheduling does not help, it just makes you realize how many things hasn't been done yet. ARGH! The worse part of it is, that I feel helpless; I want to improve the situation, start things up, but some elements I simply can not control. The only course of action is to suffer through it. Boy do I hate stale air, let me tell ya. Stale air, stale water, stale bread and candy. Yuck all of them. No one likes them, but it happens all the time.

At least talking to you Now give me a sense of release. Because at least you are ever changing.

P.s I could go for a burger Now, want to get it for me? Pleeeeaaaaase?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dear Disney

Dear Walt Disney,

Great job!

P.s You make wonderful dinner conversations.