Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dear Mozart Piano Concerto 23 in A major

Dear Mozart's Piano Concerto #23 in A major,

I wanted to say how much you have put my mind at ease. At around 7:30 PM you were broadcasted through the random radio I happened upon. I never felt so alive and animated while driving home. It was such a refreshing change of scenery from the drone boring mindless music that is in the many popular scenes of today. The mindless instrumentation of hip-hop, techno,pop and many other genre of pop. I was also happy to know that I still had love for music like you. It wasn't a forced appreciation like how I felt before (being a former pianist of sorts, I felt obligated to relate and enjoy you.) I felt genuin need to listen to more and more of you, I couldn't get enough as you went from one motif to the next. I danced with joy within the limits of my seat; waving my hands frantically as if I was leading the orchestra.

What a fantastic feeling. What a fantastic piece you are. Good job Mozart, way to go.

Now for something completely different...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dear Russia

Дорогое Россия, Я одно из вас теперь, посылаю хлеб.

P.s Вы ванты имеете покинутые замоки я могу проводить лето внутри? Получите назад к мне.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dear Andrew

Dear Andrew,

No I am not going to start my blog with "Captain's blog..."

That is lame.

P.s Thanks for the Horchata.

Dear 12:27

Dear 12:27 am,

You are here way too early. I have too much to do before now and 9 am. Dextor's Lab was great and the Wii Fit was fantastic, I would very much like to have more time with them.

It's ok I will forgive you for now, don't let it happen again.

P.s Tell 1:14 am the same thing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dear Apple,

Please, oh please come out with a new patch that will fix all of my problems.
p.s Actually you only have to fix Logic Pro problems, you don't have to fix my life.
p.p.s I am loving your laptop.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dear internet

Dear internet,
I went to the beach today, the water was quite cold. My girlfriend Rachael's sandals got washed away into the vast area of the sea. I better make this short, I have to go to work tomorrow.

P.s Rachael supposedly saw dolphins.