Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dear Mozart Piano Concerto 23 in A major

Dear Mozart's Piano Concerto #23 in A major,

I wanted to say how much you have put my mind at ease. At around 7:30 PM you were broadcasted through the random radio I happened upon. I never felt so alive and animated while driving home. It was such a refreshing change of scenery from the drone boring mindless music that is in the many popular scenes of today. The mindless instrumentation of hip-hop, techno,pop and many other genre of pop. I was also happy to know that I still had love for music like you. It wasn't a forced appreciation like how I felt before (being a former pianist of sorts, I felt obligated to relate and enjoy you.) I felt genuin need to listen to more and more of you, I couldn't get enough as you went from one motif to the next. I danced with joy within the limits of my seat; waving my hands frantically as if I was leading the orchestra.

What a fantastic feeling. What a fantastic piece you are. Good job Mozart, way to go.

Now for something completely different...


  1. Hey Mark! So, you found my blog, not very eventful one I know...

    How have you been?

  2. Dear Max

    What a bunch of bullshit! :)

    Love Andy Pagana