Monday, June 22, 2009

Dear Chinese song that was not meant to be,

Dear Chinese song that was not meant to be,

You are epic, you are dramatic and you sound amazing. I really felt a connection with you when I made you. You started out with a kick-butt drum beat that was meant to teach. You didn't sound very much like a Chinese song at first, but I turned you into one. You then blossomed into more of a dramatic tone and ended with a whiz-bang Hans-Zimmer-Kung-Fu-Panda-Kicking-Butt-music. Your drums started to roar, the stick clacks echoed throughout the land, your string parts attacked sharply in unison. You were loud and proud like mad riot.

I am sorry, you were not right for the song for the next episode. You are just too epic for a kids song. I do hope you understand. It is particularly hard for me, since I created you, however I can reassure you that you will see the light of day.

I am off to create an alternate version of you now. Don't worry, your epic-ness will not be replaced. The world is just not ready yet.

Tell the Japanese song that will not meant to be "hello."


  1. Maybe the Chinese Song will feel better if you give Jenn a copy of it...

  2. Oh, poor Chinese song, but maybe after this post it will feel better, especially when its friends, the Japanese song will be there to comfort it. This is so dramatic: the creator has to give up on the creation. Nice! Thank you for kindly sharing with us Max.

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