Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dear Friday,

Dear Friday,

We have an earlier start tomorrow. I have to say I am quite anxious about our trip to the DMV tomorrow. I haven't taken a test; a multiple choice test, for at least a couple of years. I do remember excelling at it...back when I was in that mind set. I hear that the test was easy: from the two geniuses I know. I also heard it was quite hard: from the two other geniuses I know.

I must say I am stumped. Don't worry though, I aim to run right to the back of the line if I manage to fail the test. I believe I will spike my hair for my photo. Perhaps I will dazzle the camera with my "that's great" smile.

P.s According to my schedule this will be my last full weekend for a couple of weeks. Adventure awaits!

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