Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dear Logic,

Dear Logic,

I hear you are going to be showcased at this year's Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference. I am excited to meet you and your pals. I wish I could meet you personally, but I will be quite busy. I will watch for you on the macrumors web feed.

I do hope your stability will be substantially increased. I could care less about the cool new features you may arrive with. I just want you to be more dependable. I understand that you have a lot on your mind; with an average of 20 tracks of high processing virtual instruments and high processing Waves plug-ins. I do think that if you were 64-bit you would be able to handle it. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the many features you offer; I am sure I haven't gone through all of them, but please give me more time to use them (rather then crashing all the time.)

You and EastWest should really get along.

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