Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dear Sunday

Dear Sunday,

I woke up extra early for you this week. I took a break from saving the world for a little bit to record some character voices. We also had a meeting to chart out my fate for the next three months. By the looks of it, I contract for not having a life will be extended for three more months.

I would like to say thank you,

Going over the schedules I must say, I am quite excited. These past couple of weeks felt like a lull and I think my chops are not as sharp. I am glad to see things are picking up again. As much as I complain about seemingly unrealistic deadlines; the long hours, the late nights and the build up of tension, I do relish in it. I want to be faster and more efficient. I want to test myself and push my limits. Blah blah blah. There is something exciting about planning whats coming ahead, there is also a rush knowing things are about to get crazy. Granted, I will read this post three months from now and scoff at my naive enthusiasm at what's ahead, but I remain optimistic.

On a side note my gaming time will be severed by production time, I have no choice but to cram in three months of gaming in one day. They say it can't be done, but like this production, it has to be.

So, I will have to bid you good day for now maybe I will swing on by time and time.

send Saturday my regards.

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